Learning to Live with Other People

I’ve discovered that living with roommates takes an entirely new skillset. This is my first time living with a roommate. After unsuccessfully finding apartments in Lowell MA for a single individual I decided that I would go for a house. I found an ad on Craigslist that someone had posted searching for a roommate to take over the top floor of a home that they own. Always eager to try out new experiences I thought it couldn’t be so bad and they seemed laid back enough. We met a couple of times before they agreed to let me move in and those meetings showed that we were going to get along.

Still. Finding myself in a living space with another individual after years of living on my own was something of a culture shock in a way. I thought that after living with brothers for as long as I did, up until moving out to college, that I would be prepared. Of course living with someone that is basically a stranger is in no way like living with family. Not really, any how! The first problem I discovered was that we were keeping completely different schedules. I work third shift and they work a regular first shift job so I realized that I was going to keep myself more quiet than I’m accustomed to.

That wasn’t so bad. The second issue we stumbled onto was food! I’ve always been incredibly open about my food and when I buy it, I totally expect my guests to go for it. He was not like that and after devouring a box of his cereal he told me in no uncertain terms that he wasn’t as free with his groceries as I apparently was. Oh well, these issues have been simple enough that it’s no reason for me to get up and move out!